Carlsbad Village Academy

CVA - Title 1 School

Parent / School Compact 2015-16


Learning is most successful when students, parent/guardians and the school work together. This compact outlines the roles of each of these groups. This compact was jointly updated and agreed upon by parent/guardians and distributed to all parent/guardians of students at our school since we are the recipient of Title I funds.



I agree to:

  • Be on time to all my classes

  • Complete all assignments and exams

  • Return completed homework on time

  • Be attentive in class

  • Ask for help when needed

  • Be responsible for my behavior

  • Be respectful of others

  • Dress in an appropriate manner

  • Keep my parent/guardians informed of my progress in my classes



We agree as an entire staff to:

  • Communicate with parent/guardians in a timely manner

  • Constantly work to improve teaching strategies

  • Maintain high quality curricula and instruction based on the appropriate course content as stated in the Common Core Standards as they are implemented

  • Be positive role models for our students

  • Be sensitive to the individual needs of all students

  • Show respect for each student

  • Be available to help students resolve academic, classroom and peer problems

  • Praise the student for his/her success

  • Correct and return appropriate work in a timely manner

  • Communicate school and class expectations in person at Back to School Night

  • Issue appropriate reports to parents on student progress in a timely fashion

  • Make volunteer options available to parent/guardians to help with school needs     through mailings and Parent/guardian Center functions

  • Make opportunities available for parent/guardians to participate in their student’s educational program through meetings with the counselors, school staff, and specially called meetings about colleges, test score releases, or other pertinent school programs

  • Make options available for parent/guardians to make appointments to observe the educational program of their student throughout the school day



I agree to:

  • Talk to my son/daughter daily about his/her academic progress

  • Encourage my son/daughter to complete his/her homework; check homework assignments

  • Provide an appropriate setting for my son/daughter to do homework

  • Monitor my son/daughter's academic progress

  • Attend Back to School Night, Open House, and other school events

  • Praise my son/daughter when he/she succeeds in a task

  • Review all school communications and communicate to school staff any concerns through phone calls/messages, emails, or in-person visits

  • Support all school policies (i.e. dress code, tardy/attendance, cell phone, and academic honesty policy)

  • Encourage my son/daughter to engage in independent reading activities

  • Ensure my son/daughter arrives at school early enough to be on time to his/her first class

  • Become involved in the educational program of my son/daughter and participate actively in school parent/guardian activities