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Lunch is provided in the Bulldog Cafe daily between 10:35am and 11:07am.


Prepay for your child's meals using SchoolCafé. You can set up a new account by logging onto their website: With this system you can prepay by using your Visa or MasterCard. It is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. There is a $1.75 convenience fee per transaction when you make a payment into the system. You will be able to view account balances and your child's purchase history. The system can be set to send an email notice when the balance is low, or you can set up automatic payments. You will need your child's student ID number to set up the account. Please call Nutrition Services at 760-331-5000 if you have any questions. 


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Nutrition Services is required to be a self-sustaining department. All revenues received go towards our staff payroll, benefits, food and supply purchases, equipment purchase and repair, etc. It is the parent’s responsibility to ensure that they provide their child with money to buy lunch if they choose to. We cannot be responsible for covering meals to students who routinely do not have money to buy lunch; this would be a gift of public funds and is against the state Ed. code.

However, we do allow some leeway to parents by allowing their child to charge up to two lunches, or up to $6.00  They enter their PIN# as usual, and the computer charges the meal to the student’s account.

Please note:

  • Students will not be allowed to charge snacks or a la carte items.
  • Parents are responsible for repaying Nutrition Services for all meals charged, including the alternate meals that are given to the student.

Once the student reaches their charge limit, the student will be given a sandwich (peanut butter) so that they do not go away hungry. They will be given a serving of fruit or powerbar at breakfast. The parent will be notified that the student is being sent to school without provisions for eating to determine how to rectify the problem. The student's account will still be charged for those items.

Free and reduced price meal information

You can find a "Free and reduced price meals" application at the front office or download the application here:


Reduced prices

Brunch tray : $.30

Lunch tray $.30

New online Payment Center for Parents

Make payments to your students cafeteria account. Pay for meals, view cafeteria purchases, track meal account balance, set up low balance reminders, or schedule recurring payments.

Be sure to have your students CUSD issued student ID# ready when you open your account.