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ASVAB for All Seniors

It is early in the school year, but it is not too late to start thinking about a career or your education after high school.  


Carlsbad Village Academy will offer the ASVAB test to all seniors on October 5, 2017.  The test will last for approximately 3 hours.  


The results from this test can help a student discover an occupation that you may be of interest based on the results.  


The results will give the student access Occu-Find which will help with career and educational planning.  These results will also give the student an opportunity to look at the various career choices offered through the military.  Students are not required to release information to the recruiters, but will still be able to benefit from the wealth of information provided.


I strongly encourage all seniors to take part in this opportunity.


If you would like to learn more about this test click here 


Watch a short video  


-Jorge Espinoza


Posted by: Jorge Espinoza Published:9/25/17
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